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May Measurement Month Project

C3 research foundation (C3RF) is a Non- Profit Organization. C3 Research Foundation is working towards the quality of health and helping to build institutional and systems capacity in India for strengthening on continuous medical Education, Training and Research in area of Cardio Metabolic.

Established in 1966, the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) is committed to promoting and encouraging the advancement of scientific research and knowledge and its application to the prevention and management of heart disease and stroke in hypertension and related cardiovascular diseases around the world.

In 2017 World Hypertension Day expanded to become May Measurement Month. Launched in May 2017, May Measurement Month is an initiative led by the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) and endorsed by the World Hypertension League – building on World Hypertension Day, to raise awareness of the issues surrounding hypertension (or high blood pressure) during the month of May. Around 10 million people die each year due to conditions related to hypertension, but we know that they can’t be treated unless hypertension is detected.

May Measurement Month is a worldwide public screening initiative to highlight the need for increased awareness around blood pressure. “Raised blood pressure continues to be the biggest contributor to the global burden of disease and to global mortality, leading to 9.4 million deaths each year.” (Poulter et al. Lancet 2015)

In 2017 May Measurement Month measured the BP of over 1.2 million people across 100 countries in one month – with limited resources, relying on the goodwill of its many volunteers. During the month, the screenings identified over 140,000 people with previously unidentified hypertension and over 100,000 with inadequately treated hypertension, all of whom can now take action to improve their health.